Founder and CEO

Phil Masiello – Digital Entrepreneur

Phil Masiello founded Hound Dog Digital Marketing in 2016.  Prior to this, Phil had founded operated several E-Commerce and retail businesses.

Most recently, Phil was the Founder and CEO of, one of the largest sellers of Made in the USA razors, shave creams and accessories for men and women. was able to leverage some innovative approaches to build awareness of the brand.  To gain awareness of the brand, Phil offered Brian Wilson, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, $1 million to shave his beard with their product.  The event had several positive effects for the brand:

  • Built awareness of the brand internationally in places like Europe Japan, and South America
  • Caused a social media firestorm with people offering to shave various parts of their bodies for various amounts of money and providing pictures of their hair
  • Built a high Domain Authority for the website
  • Drove significant traffic to the website
  • Created a launchpad of sales for the brand

Generally, these types of events have a life of 3 to 5 days.  But this event was extended when Brian Wilson turned down the $1 million.  Consumers responded with outrage that someone would turn down that amount of money for just shaving.

Phil was also able to secure Michael Phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time, to become an investor and spokesperson in the brand.

Raw Beauty, Inc

Prior to, Phil Masiello was co-founder and President of Raw Beauty, Inc.  Phil co-founded this brand with Carol Alt, the former supermodel.  Operating under the brand Raw Essentials Skin Care and Beauty products, they were a pioneer in the raw and natural skincare industry. The brand launched their e-commerce site and on television on HSN.  Additionally, the brand was available on The Shopping Channel in Canada.  The brand was successful internationally and online for several years.  Demand from brick and mortar retailers such as Ulta Beauty, Walgreens and Shoppers Drug Mart increased distribution.

Supply Chain Disruptor

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Masiello has been disrupting business supply chains.  Phil has created consumer value in the food, fashion and personal care channels. He has founded over ten businesses since the early 1980’s.

The Beginning

Phil founded The Fabulous Food Caterers and Bakery in the suburbs of New York City when he was 25 years old.  In the 5 years Phil operated the company, they became one of the go-to caterers in the highly competitive New York market. Phil used the proceeds from the sale of that business and enrolled in the full time MBA program at the University of Maryland in College Park MD.


During his final year at U MD, Phil became involved with a regional specialty food retailer.  As a senior executive he developed some very profitable divisions for the company.  Building a food based Gift Catalog division, holiday popup stores and smaller urban stores.

From here, Phil developed The Daily Market in Washington, DC.  These urban meals stores were innovative at the time for their supply chain methodology.  Phil was able to grow this business until it was acquired by a regional supermarket chain where Phil became a senior executive.

Along the way, Phil has marketed fashion, beauty and food brands online, at retail and on TV shopping.   Over the years, Phil has been called upon by his investors to assist them in marketing other businesses. When John Sculley released his book and learning series he asked Phil for help.  When began, Phil worked on the lead generation strategies.

Phil is known as an innovator and thought leader in e-commerce and digital marketing.