Lisa N.
Director of eCommerce and Conversion

Fashion and Lifestyle Expert

Lisa is a fitness, fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur who has run her own eCommerce businesses including, which was acquired in early 2016. was a well trafficked website and mobile application designed to help people eat better, exercise better and live better.  It offered meal plans, diet plans and coaching through an easy to use interface.

Lisa was an early seller on and Bonanza focusing on fashion items.  Selling fashion requires a specific skill set and understanding of the economics specific to that business channel.

She understands the issues facing E-Commerce sites trying to break through the search clutter and efficiently acquire customers and sales. Efficient customer acquisition costs are essential in any e-commerce business and Lisa works hard to figure out the lowest cost and highest converting channels for your product. She is a pro at managing our clients needs and helps us manage our workflow.

One of Lisa’s core strengths is her ability to turn social content into a sales generation platform.  Over the last 5 years, she has developed several mobile applications to engage with customers inn new and unique ways.

Lisa is an avid runner and spends her free time running her kids around to their activities and trying to carve out time to run for herself.

ClicBlox is a fast growing digital marketing agency with expertise in e-commerce, television shopping, mobile application monetization and Amazon marketplace selling.  We are always seeking out new channels to effectively drive site traffic at the lowest cost and providing the best conversion opportunities.  We specialize in retention strategies to keep your customers for a long time and to drive your companies Customer Lifetime Value. Contact Lisa for a FREE site evaluation that will provide tips to increase sales and reduce acquisition costs.