Elizabeth H.
Director of Creative, Content Development Beth@HoundDogDigital.com

User Experience and Content Writing

Beth had run her own creative agency for over 12 years and has brought an entirely new perspective to what we do at Clicblox. Her focus is on site design, ad design and content writing for SEO and our Amazon reseller partners.

SEO is content and content is SEO.  So the more relevant content you can build for your site and get distributed, the higher your site will rank in SERP’s.  And this is not just on Google search.  This is true on Social Media and on the Amazon marketplace eco-system works much the same way.  Great content gets great engagement.

Beth has a great eye for reviewing your website as a User Experience Design specialist and looks for ways to improve conversions. Site Conversion Optimization is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your sales and profits without increasing your advertising spend.  It makes better use of the traffic that is already going to your website.

She is an expert at product descriptions and keyword research. Beth is a graduate of Florida State University as well as having an MBA from UNC. Beth is an avid runner and marathoner so she is always moving.

ClicBlox team is always looking for ways to acquire customers at the most efficient cost.  Our initial focus is always to make sure your website, eBay or Amazon marketplace store is optimized to convert the traffic that is already coming to your site.  This method always yields the best results for the lowest spend.

Content that is relevant to the business you are in is also essential to improving your search rankings.  As in all things search, you have to know the right keywords to build around.  Our team always starts with the fundamentals and builds from there.  This has always provided our clients with the best value and highest returns.

Contact Beth for a FREE site evaluation that will provide you with some valuable tips to increase customer acquisition and reduce the costs.