August 1, 2017
Admin Narola

110 Ways You Can Increase Website Traffic

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The Number 1 struggle we hear from business owners is how can they increase website traffic.

Whether you have an e-commerce website, a blog or a B2B website, getting traffic is one of the biggest challenges.  At Hound Dog Digital Marketing, we understand that struggle.

So, we put together this list of ways that you can increase your website traffic today.

I am sure we don’t need to explain to you the value of traffic.  Without traffic, you have no leads.  Without leads, you can’t get sales. Without sales…..well you know how that ends up.

The other often overlooked benefit for your brand to increase website traffic is the positive effect on SEO.  More traffic tends to improve your search ranking.  Especially if you can increase website traffic above your competitors.

But make certain you keep it in perspective.  Don’t compare your brand’s website traffic to Amazon for example.  Amazon had over 120 million site visits per month.  The average blog has less than 9,000 site visits per month. The average e-commerce site has less than 10,000 monthly site visits. And it also has to do with the industry you are in.

Phil Masiello, the founder of Hound Dog Digital Marketing, is an author,  entrepreneur, and expert digital marketer who was the Founder and CEO of, Raw Beauty with Carol Alt and several other Omni-channel brands.  Phil has worked with many other brands building their business online and offline.

When Phil founded Hound Dog Digital Marketing, he surrounded himself with other entrepreneurs and retail marketers. Whether it is mobile applications, SaaS, B2B or e-commerce, we understand the nuances to marketing your brand.

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