August 1, 2017
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110 Useful Facts About Google

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Let’s face it.  Any online brand spends most of their marketing time trying to figure out Google.  We all want more traffic to our site and Google is the key.

Don’t you want to know as much about Google as you can?

Whether you have an e-commerce website, a blog or a B2B website, figuring out Google and its algorithms is a day to day project.  At Hound Dog Digital Marketing, we understand that struggle.

So, we put together this list 110 Useful Facts About Google to help you.

Who Is Google

Google, the Cupertino based Internet Company, offers dynamic digital services and products such as cloud computing, software and online advertising and search. As per data produced in December 2016, Google has been ranked as the top most visited multi-platform web properties in the US. The company boasts of 246 million unique visitors in the United States, with an average market share of 63.4% among its other leading search engine counterparts.

Google, the search engine giant has a strong influence on the digital marketing fraternity. The influence of Google is immeasurable, where all channels popularly used by marketers are directly or indirectly leveraging from their products.

I have collected 110 useful facts about Google. I try my best to frequently update the statistics as much as possible. However, while certain stats are easy to update, some require in-depth research. To ensure credibility, all the stats reported have been linked to the source. Kindly read the disclaimer at the bottom of all pages for further information pertaining to these numbers.

Phil Masiello, the founder of Hound Dog Digital Marketing, is an expert digital marketer and former Founder and CEO of, Raw Beauty with Carol Alt, The Daily Market and several other Omni-channel brands.  Phil has worked with many other brands building their business online, offline, on the Amazon marketplace and in retail stores.

When Phil founded Hound Dog Digital Marketing, he surrounded himself with other entrepreneurs and retail marketers. Whether it is mobile applications, SaaS, B2B or e-commerce, we understand the nuances to marketing your brand.

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