August 1, 2017
Admin Narola

110 E-commerce Facts

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E-commerce has grown considerably over the last two decades and attracts millions of customers from around the world each year. Online buying activity continues to increase, with millions engaging in online shopping. One of the reasons why people choose online shopping over conventional shopping is the convenience it offers. Other benefits of online shopping include free delivery, cheaper pricing, and ease of shopping.

I have collected 110 ecommerce facts.

Whether you have an e-commerce website, a retailer or brand, understanding the changes to e-commerce and retail.  At Hound Dog Digital Marketing, we understand that struggle.

So, we put together this list to help you understand ecommerce.


Phil Masiello, the founder of Hound Dog Digital Marketing, is an author,  entrepreneur, and expert digital marketer who was the Founder and CEO of, Raw Beauty with Carol Alt and several other Omni-channel brands.  Phil has worked with many other brands building their business online and offline.

When Phil founded Hound Dog Digital Marketing, he surrounded himself with other entrepreneurs and retail marketers. Whether it is mobile applications, SaaS, B2B or e-commerce, we understand the nuances to marketing your brand.

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