February 20, 2016

E-Commerce Entrepreneur Phil Masiello Founds A New Digital Marketing Agency

Hound Dog Digital was founded by Phil Masiello, a noted entrepreneur and expert marketer.  Phil founded his first business at the age of 25 and has gone on to found 5 other businesses.  As an intra-preneur, Phil has also developed some very innovative and profitable divisions within some other large companies.

Phil was very successful at building awareness with 800razors.com by a few very cost effective methods.  When the company launched, Phil offered Brian Wilson, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, $1 million to shave his beard.  This was a highly successful tactic and got the company international awareness overnight!.  Generally, these types of events die out in a few days.  But the event was extended when Brian Wilson rejected the offer.

A social media frenzy ensued with people from all over the world sending images and messages to all of the companies social media sites. Men and women were making offers to shave their various body parts for far less money. It was a lot of fun, built engagement very quickly and set the tone for the company moving forward.

Phil was then able to convince Michael Phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time, to join the company as a shareholder and spokesperson.  When you think about connecting the brand’s quality message, what better way than with a man who shaves his entire body.

Because of his marketing expertise and abilities, Phil has been asked to consult on various projects for his investors and partners.  Over the last 20 years, Phil has worked on hundreds of different multi channel businesses.  His expertise is highly sought after and always results driven.

Building The Hound Dog Digital Team

Phil has taken this approach of innovative awareness building and customer acquisition strategies to build his team. The entire team has come from disruptive E-commerce and mobile application startups.   His team has learned to think about marketing in unique ways to maximize engagement and minimize costs.

With an expert understanding of customer search analytics and shopping behavior, the Hound Dog team is able to find ways to acquire customers at very efficient costs. All of the team members have been at the forefront of changes in the digital marketing space and have continued to use these changes to improve client metrics.

In a very short period of time, we have been able to improve our clients ROAS in several key areas.

Site conversion rates

One of our key focus areas is making sure our clients website, mobile application or Amazon marketplace store is set to maximize conversions.  The result is driving more revenue with the same advertising spend. Customer acquisition costs have been reduced to sustainable levels, enabling further investment to grow further sales.

We have proven to our clients that we can increase conversions by 30 – 40% by analyzing how visitors use their sites and improve their on-site experience.

Alternate Selling channels

The Amazon marketplace has been a focus area for the team members.  Several have been multi million dollar sellers on the marketplace platform.  We have taken this expertise to develop and manage marketplace stores for several of our clients, leading to a new and profitable selling channel.

We also have experience using Television Shopping Channels in the US and internationally to build national awareness through this profitable channel.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Many of our clients had been underperforming in PPC before working with us.  This is because most online marketing companies have a “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to this advertising channel.  We stay on top of all of the changes to Adwords and search engines.

We continually look for opportunities to minimize the variability in PPC and drive higher conversions.  Our consumer product clients have also benefited from our expertise with Product Listing Ads (PLA) and retargeting ads.

SEO is Content Marketing and Content Marketing is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is alive and well and thriving.  Content is king both on and off our clients platform.  Whether we are using native ads, sponsored articles, bloggers, v-loggers or online PR, the objective is to drive traffic to the site and build the Domain Authority of our clients site.  This is one of the most cost effective ways to drive significant amounts of targeted traffic.

Email Marketing and Retention

We change our clients focus from sending emails to using email as a platform to engage and retain their customers. Email is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal to turn your customers into advocates and build your CLTV.  There is a proven methodology for emailing and we are experts at this process which we share with all of our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Customers don’t want you to sell them or fill their news feed with coupons and discounts.  Social Media is exactly what it is called, Social.  We guide our clients on how to post, when to post and what to post to develop and engage consumers.

We teach the art of selling solutions and benefits, Not selling products. Consumers want you to engage with them and let them understand your brand personality.   When you accomplish this, the sales will follow.

Marketing today is more complex but at the same time, the data available about your customers makes targeting them easier.  How to execute these marketing plans is what we help our clients to do.  The results are far above expectations.  Contact us today and get a FREE evaluation of your business.

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